Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Trading post

While taking a quick jog (read fat amble) around the Bonsai Mountain Saturday last I encountered our occasional neighbours in their holiday home basking in the glorious sunshine. As they has so generously donated their apples to our pigs (some knowingly) I stopped for a chat and thanked them for their kindness and confirmed that I had indeed found the big bag of apples and note they had left on the gate a while back. As a reward for their donations I offered some of our most excellent sausages, and promising to return on the morrow I left them to their sun worshiping. True to my word, during half time of Ireland and Italy, I ventured into The Cauldron that envelopes the back of their property and hung a pound of sausages on post by their gate. They were, like any sensible holiday types, fast asleep as there was no sign of life, despite my wheezing and gasping for breath from the exertion I failed to rouse anyone so the meaty prize hung in the breeze awaiting collection.
Tonight as darkness fell I remembered the sausages and was suddenly struck by the thought, what if they hadn't seen them? So yours truly and the magnificent seven set off into the land of Trolls to see if the sausages had been claimed. My heart sank as there on the post was a familiar looking bag and in the gloom I lifted it clear of the post expecting to find a maggot ridden mess within. Thankfully it contained enough apples for a pigs breakfast and a note proclaiming how delicious the sausage supper they had had was. As I have said before, the sausages at Rock HQ take hard work on our part, but for the pigs it takes total commitment!
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