Sunday, 23 October 2011

Light relief

After yesterdays major groundworks today was a lot easier with more bodging on the fences, somehow one mangalitza can still get out from the pig pen, she cannot get back in so its likely she is the worse kind of livestock, a jumper.

In fixing the fence along Oak Bank, a proper bodge job involving 12 foot planks to fill a 13 foot gap a reminder that the wood piled along the fence line had been there three years and really should be sawn up for winter, thats this winter not next, or even further along. So by way of taking it easy several hours of the day was spent happily reducing big wood to fire wood. Dogs were walked, Rugy World Cup Final was watched and all was well at Rock HQ. Even the sun shone.

So we had plenty of time just to mess around with the water.

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