Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another perfect day

Another perfect day here at Rock HQ, a full rainbow heralded sunshine while we went about the morning routine,

peace and harmony reigned and all creatures great and small, those with pet status and those who are part of the food chain settled down to breakfast together. All was well with the world with the exception of the non rodent newly categorised lagomorphs or rabbits who had decided spring had come early (we have had a couple of days of glorious sunshine) and so dug a tunnel from the boys hutch in an effort to reach the girl bunnies. This is quite an achievement as to do this required the two males to gnaw a hole the size of an elephant (thus challenging the belief that all animals can pass through a hole exactly one half their body size) in the side of their hutch. This then allowed them to free fall to terra firma and attempt rudimentary carpentry on the girls hutch. The rising sun saved the day and the arrival of critters of various sizes forced the rogue lagomorphs to seek shelter in the tin pile at the back of the stable. Strategically placed foodstuffs enticed one out and back into pokey but the dominant male exerted his authority by refusing to play ball and is as I type still under some heavy metal.

The day ended perfectly with a circuit of the Bonsai Mountain with little t in his new carrier, we didn't find Pedro though which is a shame. Tomorrow I am going to take a different route to see if the happy wanderer is along the trail. The militia are being helpful in looking for our missing ram, Crispen and Levi were returned today on the back of a quad bike, we thanked the militia for his his help and didn't have the heart to tell him that both boys return every single day for breakfast. Still its the thought that counts.

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