Tuesday, 20 September 2011

They know me so well!

I went to a house yesterday surrounded by about 100 apple trees all bursting with fruit and all going to waste. They didn't belong to the occupant of the house and the orchard owner, being a bit doolally and infirm was very particular about who touched her fruit, trod on her grass, breathed her air (you get the idea) so the thought of yours truly trampling over her precious things would have had her reaching for the blood pressure pills and calling the police. So after interviewing the occupant of the house about matters totally unrelated to fruit I made to leave and as a parting shot mentioned the fine pear tree in her part of the garden groaning with effort at keeping the fruit aloft. Taking the hint the householder produced four tiny carrier bags, and soon I had enough to keep my pigs happy come supper time.

Its such a shame so much fruit goes to waste every year. Not that much does on the Bonsai Mountain, not when yours truly "borrows" the unwanted from our neighbours. Its a lean year for apples on our patch, so the pigs have already had all the fruits from our trees save for the ones Hetty has taken, you would be amazed how tall a mid legged Dexter can be in pursuit of apples. This evening I decided to go on a sortie to a neighbour to see if they had any unwanted fruit I could liberate. As its a holiday home we don't often see each other, I think twice in five years to speak to and the occassional wave as I tramp past surrrounded by large canines, so I was sure they wouldn't mind me clearing up the windfalls. As I approached from the Bonsai Mountain path there was a large bag hanging on the gate. The tree looked bare, but the bag was full of apples, with a post it note attached.

They know me so well!

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