Saturday, 24 September 2011

Born Free

With accommodation space at a premium here at Rock HQ, Pedro, our new super duper Ryeland Ram who has been living la vida loca in the stables with Joan, had to be evicted today so Apollo, my pretty boy pony could take shelter and dry off his feet. He suffers when its muddy, and its very muddy here at the moment.

So Pedro was carried with as much ceremony as a fat bloke staggering under the weight of a protesting Ryeland could muster and put in "the garden" which is the ground closest to the cottage with a few plants in that were put there in the hope that they would thrive before being stripped of foliage by any number of beast, usually goat. Pedro immediately took to the high ground and pondered an escape route over or through Goatanamo.

Love interest was provided in the form of the multiple near death self harming sheep Roxy who nearly gave yours truly a double hernia as she was even less cooperative or portable that Pedro. He did come down from the base of the cliff to introduce himself and thinking I could hear him bleating Barry White songs I left them to it. I did however, make a prediction that, given he now has an acre of ground to play in, full of exciting green things to graze, apples and plums for afters, knowing how sheep's brains work I would not be surprised to find that he would make an escape bid up the cliff. I mean why have it easy when you can nearly kill yourself.

So, much later on, as predicted, Pedro was "missing" from "the garden". A pointless search confirmed the idiot had gone, Roxy stood all alone, loved and left again. And where was the bright spark? Obviously cliff bound. The pic above shows his attempt at freedom, the wire on the right is the edge of Goatanamo, the moss on the left is covering rock face, the idiot in the middle is wondering if there is any point climbing further while the idiot holding the camera is wondering why bother keeping sheep.

Thankfully he waited quietly while I closed the gap and after a final pic of the better cuts of meat he was, not for the first time today, unceremoniously carried back to captivity.
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Anonymous said...

I guess the urge to impress his new lady friend got the better of him.

And let's face it, we've all tried that, usually with similar resulte to Pedro...