Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cleaned out

There are measures of time passing that are specific to smallholding, one being how much feed is left in the feed store. Each sack unloaded from Trixie 47 days ago lasted around two days feeding all hoofed and pawed critters at Rock HQ. It is primarily just for those with hooves, cloven or otherwise, but some with paws steal (large canine type paws) and the little bunyips get a good portion most days.
Not long ago I was happy in the knowledge that the 10 sacks left would last 20 days, but today I went there and the cupboard was bare, almost, down to the last sack full! A series of phone calls followed trying to find Steve the pig feed supplier. Yours truly being his usual organised self had his number stored safely on his mobile, which since its immersion in water hasn't worked so well. So I spoke to a nice lady who thought she knew who I was trying to find and eventually got through to our supplier who was only too happy to hear that we had been cleaned out. Part of tomorrow will be spent filling sacks and loading and unloading Trixie. As well as cleaning out the stable to accommodate our new ram.
Pig feed was not the only thing in short supply today. Our Bernese get a pouch of salmon mousse everyday, today the box was a little bit emptier than I remembered. The culprits were soon found having left a trail of empty packets to their sofas where they tried to maintain an air of innocence. They got metaphorical bread and water for supper.
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