Wednesday, 28 September 2011

If it aint broke!

I am in bits tonight, sore after being wrestled into a more human form by our diminutive and ever so friendly osteopath who found several places on my spine and neck that needed rectifying (read snapping back into place) and whilst I feel like a freight train has hit me from behind now I know that thanks to her efforts I can get on with the jobs list rather than grinding to a painful halt.
As she banned all but light duties after being fixed much of the day has been spent enjoying the glorious if somewhat unexpected sunshine. This is apparently going to last until past the weekend and record temperatures are to be set, however I have also heard from two very separate sources that its going to snow in the next three weeks. This also seems highly unlikely but one member of the militia told me in all seriousness that this was going to happen and that his grandfather tells of a November day in 1906 when it was 38 degrees. Again not sure if this is entirely accurate but shows our fascination with the weather.
I went to the opening of the "new" farmers superstore just down the road, well they were giving away bacon sarnies and it would have been rude not to have had one or three. New means refurbished but the trip was productive, not just for the waistline, we got several much needed bargains, and were given two sacks of dog food as a feeding trial for the clan, which was a real bonus as it would have cost £30 for the trial packs, who says theres no such thing as a free lunch. I also finally gave in and have bought wellies and overalls, I have rebelled against the farming fashion, admittedly I have been seen with bailer twine as a belt, but there was no way I was ever going to wear wellies and overalls. This morning after getting two full sets of clothes plastered in mud and losing one of my boots in the mud (again) I saw sense and caved in. Finding a set of overalls that fitted, that was a laugh, at least for Tracey my beautiful and oh so patient wife who watched my struggles to get my manly frame into overalls obviously designed for short backed, long legged, orangutan armed dwarfs.
I did wander round to see the Technohermit and drop off his supper, he was seething as I arrived. Today was the day he was taking delivery of a new TV, a 10 inch battery powered effort. This purchase had been playing on his mind for some time and I have lost the will to live over the detailed discussions held dropping off dinner at the entrance of his cave. The cause of his upset was indeed the TV, or rather the lack of TV. The TV man had ventured up the Bonsai Mountain and had delivered the TV. This then promptly went bang when TV repair man attached the leads to the battery. Quite why a new TV should go bang when powered up is a bit of a mystery. I suspect an exceedingly nervous TV repairman with one eye on Technohermit, the other on the piles of bones at the cave entrance, put positive to negative. That or he made it go bang just to get out sharpish. Anyway Technohermit was seething, hopping from one foot to the other, not over the fact that the TV had gone bang, but because it had no box. Not the carton or packaging type box, no, the box for the TV. He held his hands apart like a fisherman, "TV's have boxes on the back of em like this, not that flat thing, I hates it, it had no box, thats no TV thats just a picture!"

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Andy in Germany said...

"Finding a set of overalls that fitted, that was a laugh"

In Germany everything seems to be huge. Perhaps we could do a swap?