Thursday, 8 September 2011

Now I don't want to worry you ...

Now I don't want to worry you, many conversations throughout history have started thus, Now I don't want to worry you Harold but theres a lot of arrows about, Hurscarl Hastings 1066, Now I don't want to worry you Captain but theres a bit of ice about, 1st Mate RMS Titanic 1912, and so on.

So tonight when Sparky Steve's opening gambit was the very same the but was but the ridge behind your mountain is on fire, it didn't actually worry us too much. Being the nice helpful sort he sent the two pics above to let us know what was going on. X marks Rock HQ, the fire would have to travel a mile to get to us. A quick call to The Oracle calmed any worries, don't worry, it always burns uphill. The fire is just above five ways crossing and is the preferred route for my walk to work, methinks the scenery will be a tad different next trip. Our sheep, being long range have been making their way there the last few days, hopefully they have the sense to avoid bar b que conditions. So we are not worried. The drought continues with another inch of wet stuff falling in the last 36 hours, more drought is forecast to fall overnight. The fire brigades up there. All will be well.

Then a few minutes ago I went to to the final rounds, this is the sky behind the cottage. Nothing to worry about, but we brought the horses down just in case. And filled a few buckets with water.
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Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I hope y'all are okay. And come through the night with the animals and the house safe.
Maybe the fire will get some of the foxes.

Johan said...

We're getting a little worried over here, no blogposts until now...
Hope everything is ok with everyone!
Johan & Eveline