Saturday, 17 September 2011

Oven ready

Relax! This isn't one of our random recipes, I mean lets face it this chicken is hardly a mouthful so not worth the trouble. This is in fact DD, a Buff Orpington chick that had nearly, as can be seen by the pic, ceased to be. First thing this morning DD was an egg, and then by breakfast was half an egg and a lot of wet fluff and cheeping.

So we left her (lets hope, please let it be a hen, we have more cockerels than red wine so the coq au vin equation is causing a glitch in the matrix) to get rid of the other half egg and all was well. Mother hen was watching over her, what could go wrong? Well, bird brains are not really massive and chickens have more eyeball than brain, and as we have had chicks commit suicide 21 seconds after 21 days hatching we should have known better. By lunch time when I was having a serious SOHF over a DIY disaster (thinking it right, doing it wrong, again, or rather, foiled by cheap metal screw, but hey, I wont blame the screw, much) time out was called by Tracey my beautiful and oh so patient wife and an exped to the hen house was ordered by way of soothing my ruffled feathers. Headcount, only three chicks, wheres the egg/chick thing gone. Much searching through straw.

By sheer chance DD was not crushed by yours truly as he knelt in the hen house searching for expected chick. As I shuffled backwards out of the door (who built this thing, ooh guilty!) my hand brushed against something cold and soggy. More chicken pooh I thought, but checked anyway on the just in case principle. There lay DD. Looking very much as ex chicken. As I laid it on the hen house roof Tracey and I cursed chicken brains and our not having brought it in when half egg. Oh well. Nature is harsh and all that. DD gasped. Only one thing to do with a hypothermic chick at deaths door, to the Rayburn. So DD was put in a pie tray and cooked at 150 for one hour.

The result, DD cooked to perfection and is now sat cheeping on the top of the Rayburn as it thinks the huge metal object is its mum. Bless.


Deaths Door obvious really :)

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