Monday, 12 September 2011

Suffering from wind

I took a quick trip around the Bonsai Mountain as the sun set, its been a bit breezy here as the last gasps of hurricane Katia swept in. Not for the first time we were glad we had made the decision to get the three ash trees cut down that towered over the yard at Rock HQ.

We seem to have got off lightly this time, just one small tree felled.

I did see another effect of the wind and drought yesterday on a small part of the Shropshire plain, the top soil from the fields were just being blown across the road. Rumour has it that the land had been rented out for £350 an acre and sown for potatoes (the UK eats a lot of crisps) but because of the lack of rain nothing worth harvesting appeared and it was all ploughed back into the ground, huge losses for those concerned, except for the landlord. I was also told its so dry that you can dig down over a foot and still find dry soil.

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