Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Being a smallholding its important our animals get on as much as possible, occasionally there are minor flare ups, testosterone induced rivalry, but on the whole all our critters bump along nicely. There are even strange alliances, the goat Ambrose and gander Rupert spring to mind.
There is also a view amongst the horse fraternity that horses and pigs don't get on, in fact they go so far as to say they hate each other. This is not something we agree with at Rock HQ, and if the camera had been to hand today there would have been some pictures of Thor the Boar and Pretty Boy Apollo playing in the Corral OK. Not sure they are what you would call friends, but they seem to be getting on.

PS. Just got back in after the night time prowl of the perimeter and found Thor's bunk occupied by a hopeful Cockerel. A swift eviction put paid to its ideas of grandeur but the rightful owner could not be found. Eventually after struggling up the suicidal mud bank that we consider a field I found piggy grazing alongside Apollo and William. No amount of coaxing would convince him that his nice warm berth several contour lines below was the place to be so I left them to it.

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