Sunday, 11 September 2011

Road Trip!

A fair number of hours was spent in Hazel the almost 4x4 today as she towed Trixie across several counties to fetch our new livestock. Just as well our apprentice smallholder is a good passenger and today he got to try out his forward facing car seat so he could enjoy the views. It was a great success as he slept almost the entire journey there and back.

The reason why we got up so early and carried out running repairs on Trixie was this fine chap closest to camera. A swallow bellied Mangalitza boar, who, had we not bought him, by this time tomorrow (9.30pm) would have been sausages.

He's a very docile chap, spent the two hour return trip sitting quietly, contemplating life, the universe and everything.

And then once at Rock HQ followed a trail of apple slices to his plush abode where he soon settled in and made friends with the neighbours.

Some were friendlier than others! This happy chap is now named Thor, Thor the boar, and once he finds his trotters he will be introduced to Pam and Bridget.

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