Friday, 16 September 2011


Whats in a name? Well thanks to one reader of these pages this handsome chap has a really good name, introducing Prince Pedro, Pedro meaning stone or rock. So the name works on many levels, as its very masculine, Pedro lives at Rock HQ, and the nice man who sold us Pedro is called Peter.
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Anonymous said...

Nice young ram, will Crispen take to him okay ? Acourse he does have his son Levi and has probably dealt with other unneutered males in his flock. So he will probably maintain his leadership.
Thor is looking good too, do you think you will end up breeding him to the Bershires to experiment with the quality of meat ?

Tony said...

No, Thor will be exclusive to Pammy and Bridget:) Crispen will see his retirment out under the oak, or in the feed store, depending on his mood, and Levi will have to behave himself as he's too closely related to the rest of the flock. Pedro can take his pick, and the rest of the males, well, they are destined to join the food chain:)

Anonymous said...

Well one can always neuter Levi too at any age, if he gets too frisky. A shame you won't be experimenting with crossing the two breeds. I was reading about one that type of crossing and apparently their is a breed of pig know called the Bazna that devolped from such crossings.