Sunday, 4 September 2011

Smiley happy people

I should really fill this posting with carefully arranged photos of a very special day, as it was little T's Christening. But as I had my hands full

stopping him either eating the order of service, feeding him, mopping up baby sick whilst juggling soggy song sheet and so on I was told not to bother taking any pics as there would be plenty. Meantime here is the only pic I took of a fair number of his fans at the church, and a big thank you to you all travelling such a way and many thanks for the lovely and generous gifts.

I should have taken pics of the after church party but the ban from picture taking held and so while I tried, in vain, to keep up with the requests for sausage and pork (which was so good it cured a vegetarian, for today at least) I omitted to take any pictures of the feast. I also forgot to take the Technohermit his fodder too, so apologies will be due tomorrow.

Reuben was allowed to mingle, as a way of getting him over his "show nerves", he is the only 60kg dog that can walk through a house of 40 plus people and manage to avoid all bodily contact. This is in contrast to his normal self when full contact, especially in doorways is his preferred mode!
We hope to have some more formal pics of the Christening to post when our friends send them in!
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