Thursday, 8 April 2010

Worlds apart

Training for the BBMC stepped up a gear with the second trip into the mountains this week. To say it was different to Mondays adventure with Richard would be an understatement. Monday we risked death by drowning in slush puppies hidden in the peat hags on the ridge where as today we risked death by heatstroke.
Sara my long term hiking buddy managed to find a day in her busy schedule spent organising national mountain biking events that was nearly clear and we set off to recce the route and tackle the major climb of the marathon which takes place 15th of May. It was the first time Sara and I had managed to catch up with each other since The Great TODO, June 2009, where she finally revealed that she is fallible by baling out day two due to having a broken rib, an injury she had been making worse since taking part in the BBMC in May 2009.
Rocky and Spotty came with us and loved the change of scenery. Both turned into hot dogs on the major climb and cooled off in the snow near the summit.
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