Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dropping in

We are used to surprise guest and strange visitors at Rock HQ. From the time we found around 30 Orthodox Jews lost in our yard to the geriatric archaeologists searching for the mother stone we knew every now and then a special sort would liven up our day.
Animals also do their best to provide entertainment, although I have to admit there was nothing entertaining about chasing a naughty pony galloping across seemingly endless open acres of militia grasslands today because some dozy walker had left the gate open to the common and William spotted the breach in the perimeter before yours truly.
Tonight as we had a late supper in the "garden" which is code for a patch of ground that is fenced off from the rest but still resembles wilderness but decorated with broken garden furniture these two dozy characters appeared bleating pitifully at the top of the cliff at the back of HQ. Definitely a wrong turn taken somewhere along the trail as there is no way down, apart from a very quick and painful way. Luckily for them they chose not to drop in but backtrack. Shame really, there was room on the barbq.
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