Friday, 9 April 2010

Like any other day

Where do you start explaining a day like today? How would you describe it? Busy? Frantic? Action packed? All of the above?

Starts with admin and phone calls. Then a trip over to get the pig feed, our first trip with Trixie trailer, all went well, I managed not to embarrass myself in the yard in front of all the HGV drivers and soon a ton of feed was safely stored in the tack room.

I finally managed to extricate Rene and Trixie from a horrible situation seen above caused by my inability to reverse and parked Trixie safely back by the pig pen.

Our new piglets were collected from Stable Sprite and they are currently digging escape tunnels in the bank under the watchful eye of Hetty. A quick trip into town to see the doc about Tracey's ME was used to buy some essentials and with it being a glorious evening we planned to spend it sat on the patio eating dinner and enjoying the view. After we had fed and watered all the critters obviously.
Critters often have other ideas and as we checked on Easter she was just starting to give birth to this little scrap who has been named Pansy.
Its dark now, everything is done, we think, dinners cold but its been a great day. Like any other here.

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