Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Going green

I took time out first thing to go for a quick trip around the Bonsai Mountain, my first walk since the nasty incident with the sofa, a gentle stroll to help prepare for the BBMC which is getting frighteningly close.
Its all going green up on the hill, the bracken has hasn't started its conquest yet but you can sense its poised to replace the brown stuff. In the garden I have already found six inch frond starting to unfurl. I'm hoping that this year the three times a week cut on the fields will not be necessary, the previous years hard work and new grazing regime will prevent new infestation, and the war against the green menace can move to another part of the hill. I have it on good authority from an elderly ex pig keeper, who was also an ack ack gunner in the war, that bracken hooks make excellent pig food. I shall put her theory to the test as we will have ample amounts.
Underneath all this is good grazing!
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