Saturday, 22 June 2013

Size matters

 Some of you may remember that just before Christmas 2012 a great Great Dane called Minnie and her side kick a Bernese Mountain Dog called Elf landed at Rock HQ. Elf was from the class of 2011 and as nice lady who owned her and Minnie gifted them to us as her life was taking a different turn that made it impossible for the dogs to stay.  
 Much as we liked Minnie she was a bit of a big pudding to live in our cottage so after a few visits she went to live with my beautiful and oh so patient wife's brother. The two get on famously, Minnie is something of a celebrity in her local area and has a very fetching pink collar to help passersby with gender identification problems as they had a habit of saying things like "He's a big lad!"
 As can be seen from the pics above Minnie is very happy and still thinks she is a lap dog.
Speaking of big puddings, when we caught up with our soon to be daughter in law I made up for the restricted diet of late by stuffing in several platefuls of Chinese food at an all you can eat buffet and topped it off with a couple of visits to the never ending ice cream, jelly and banana fritter trough.

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