Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Braken bashing year 7

 The never ending war against the green menace continues unabated. I have adopted the strategy of letting it grow on a bit bigger than usual with the idea that it puts a lot of effort into growing and then I come along and lop it off exhausting the roots.
Eventually one or other of us will give up anyway.
Currently we both think we are winning, I have cleared the "fields" which looked like this when we moved in (minus horse). The bracken thinks its winning on account of its superiority of numbers and stubborn refusal to give up.
 Patches of the Bonsai Mountain are being claimed back, everso slowly, but as can be seen (hopefully) in this picture the stunty dwarf plants grow where they would be nearly three feet high.
So instead of a training session on this steed, tonight's workout was with a big hazel stick bashing the bracken the old school way rather than fire up the blue machine of death (strimmer) Naturally I had several helpers and observers.

Naturally Spotty had to have his own stick.

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