Monday, 10 June 2013

DBMDTH plus24

Reuby is the missing pup from this picture, the Team GB 2012, left to right Alfie, Buddy, Ripley and mum Reba, Reuben the dad is careering up and down the lane with my beautiful and oh so patient wife on the end of a lead, neither made to to the photocall. Reuby's owner called by HQ this evening and after being dragged around the wilderness where we saw some horrendous earthworks and road building along the ridge, probably the militia moving heavy armour, settled to a selection of pork based products for dinner. While on the ridge we met some nice ladies celebrating one of the groups 65th birthday by hiking across the ridge. They were very impressed with the big doggies with us and when they found out that we had been raising money for hounds for hero's insisted that we take their lose change which was the tidy sum of £7.80p. Every little helps!

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