Sunday, 2 June 2013

All hands on deck!

Its been a massively busy weekend here at HQ. Trevor the recently incarcerated shitland is still not talking to us after he and around fifty others were rounded up by the militia on quad bikes and jeeps and herded into a corral where the annoying little shitland was stopped from playing Johnny Big Potatoes and dragged kicking and screaming from the grey mare he had fixated on, placed in solitary confinement until he calmed down a bit and then the very helpful militia delivered the naughty pony safely to our stable.
Trevor is seriously unimpressed, especially as the morning after the night before his true love whom he so callously abandoned, Misty, a well behaved shitland, went on holiday to our friends the microholders who needed her lawn mowing ability. The militia were all very jolly about our bad boy and aside from a cricked neck from reversing the 4/10ths of a mile up our dirt track, sustained no significant injury during the whole mission. A reward of chocolate and cider was handed over (they wanted milk but we had run out as well) and they left us to deal with the equine sulker as we saw fit.
As hes started bothering the militia again we might have to think seriously about his future here at HQ as cider and chocolate only secures a certain amount of goodwill. Meanwhile the well behaved and more productive animals enjoyed the fantastic weather while the rest of us got on with clearing up after them. As we were also intent on enjoying ourselves (more of how and where in another posting when time allows) and meeting some famous people (same applies) everyone got down to the dirty work.
Little t turned out to be a keen shoveller, in fact he threw a tantrum when he was stopped(Renata in the background supplying a heavy rock soundtrack). I doubt very much he will continue with this willingness to shovel pooh, in fact I reckon aged 13 he wont throw a tantrum if stopped. Once we had (say we, read I, no child labour involved) cleared the runway, sorted out the mess left by the fencing Jedi (400 yards of old wire, 150 plus old posts, several dozen new ones strategically placed, in other words lost, tools, gates, cups, plates and so on) fed everything, walked the dogs, cleaned the car out we managed to get out and enjoy a break.
Exact details of the location of the free cheese bar will be revealed in another post, but as it was the first cheese I had eaten for two weeks (diet!) it was fantastic and I limited myself to two tiny bites. To add insult to injury the stall next to the free cheese emporium  was giving away free whiskey! Having not drunk any alcohol since 1.1.13 it was pretty tempting to say oh go on then but I managed to resist, failing miserably at the next tent where they were not giving away pizza so I consoled myself with purchasing  a massive prawn tuna and anchovies (Gods nicest little fishes) and congratulated my iron will at saying no to free single malts totally ignoring the voices telling me that pizza was not calorie free. .
Then we found the ice cream van and as the ice cream was made with sheep's milk it wasn't listed in the diet book as a banned substance so it must have been alright to eat. Little t thought so too and was very happy with the chocolate flavour he was wearing.

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