Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Poor Gummer

Our oldest Ryeland is having a spot of bother of late. Crispen, a really fine pedigree Ram, father to dozens of offspring including the clone and massive Ryeland ram called Leviathan (Levi) has been found the last two evenings on his side unable to get up in Goatanamo. The poor old boy has really lost a lot of weight and condition on account he has no teeth, they dropped out a while ago due to his age. Being ten years old that's quite an age for a sheep so we are making sure he gets his oats and supervising his meals. Mind you hes not as frail as his condition suggests because when my back was turned yesterday he had a spat with Misty over who owned the feed bucket. Here he is doing a good job of ignoring Chester's pleas to share supper.

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