Friday, 19 April 2013

On top of things

Update on Crispie (that's not him that's Levi keeping on top of breakfast) is that the poor lad is photophobic, that is to say he is staying away from the light and refusing to cross over into the celestial greenery. He has lain on his side for 48 hours, not eating or drinking and it got to the point that if there was no improvement we decided that he should be put to sleep. Fresh rations arrived at HQ today, an event that never fails to excite the critters, and little t who likes big green tractors carrying heavy loads. Cripsen who had not moved for 2 days was struggling to get up, this was impossible so he did the next best thing and sat up and ordered fresh hayledge with a side of sheep nuts and 2 litres of water. As I type he has demolished the lot and has ordered seconds of hayledge. He is still very weak, but if dies tonight its on a full tummy.


spiderlover said...

Oops - I thought he HAD died! He's certainly trying his best to hang on, appetite restored just not his leg power. Bless :)

Tony said...

Not yet, hes hanging on, poor lad.