Saturday, 6 April 2013

Having a smashing time

 The day started early doors with the phone ringing. Once the confusion over what was making the noise was (alarm or phone) yours truly ran the obstacle course of bedroom landing stairs living room to get to phone before ringer rang off. Thinking it might be he who cannot be named calling from his adventure holiday I made the handset by the 6.57 ring.
 Fighting for breath and fighting off excited Bernese Mountain Dogs who were overjoyed at the sudden unexpected entrance of their owner I was able over the cacophony of canine goodmornings to establish that it was not our first born but Supergran who was ringing to say she might be a bit late as she had just had a slight problem with her car.
Slight problem turned out to be hitting a patch of ice, for despite it being an unusually sunny day, the melt water from the snow froze overnight and at various points between our abodes formed sheet ice which at least raises the pulse when you hit it whilst driving or at worst caused Supergran to go sideways, up a dirt bank, straighten, nearly roll, land back on road and for good measure shred a front tyre.
 Luckily she was not hurt and people stopped to see if she was alright, but none thought to help change the wheel so yours truly set off in Miranda as waiting for breakdown truck would have taken a wee while longer than my ETA. Finding the crash site was easy, not joining in was not as as Miranda threatened to follow Supergran's stricken Skoda on same ice patch. Good luck prevailed and pretty soon we were all heading back to HQ (wheel changed, bodywork and lights picked up from road) where she could assume her duties of looking after lil t while we went to work. As she said it could have been a lot worse.
Things were a lot worse for this poor hen who was very surprised by a hungry fox.

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