Monday, 22 April 2013

I didnt do it

Crispen took the long walk last night and Levi has assumed 2iC of the flockers, Ferny Fern Fern from Ferntown is still in charge. Other animal news, Mr Frosty is the only living thing to escape from Goatanamo, no idea how he managed this but once on the outside he decided life on the inside was better and got himself hopelessly entangled in brambles and gorse and lay there crying until yours truly rescued the poor bleater.
Talking of rescue one of the things I didn't do today was rescue two ponies destined for the canning factory. I didn't take pity on the two Welsh ponies, a boy and a girl, and I didn't promise to find them new homes or temporarily accommodate them at HQ until that happens. In fact I didn't do this so much that you wont see pictures of two very cute ponies on these pages tomorrow as I didn't take lots of pictures of them.
A neighbour emailed me today asking if I wanted to do a fairly tough bike ride on the weekend and by the way did I know who's peacocks were in his garden. Yes Laurel and Hardy are extending their range and entertaining the neighbours with their singing.

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