Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It wasn't me!

Ok so this is a pic of Laurel, one of our peacocks, Hardy bought the farm over the weekend, at least we though he had. This is Rocky convincing us he has no interest in foreign birds.Yesterday afternoon a very bedraggled but relieved looking peacock walked up the lane and began sharing Chester's late afternoon tea. I rugby tackled the brute (Hardy not Chester) and carried him back to reunite  the dynamic duo. It would seem that Hardy, last seen Friday night roosting in the wrong tree had got himself a bit disorientated and, by the look of the snow frozen to his plumage, had been caught in a drift or similar and frozen in place. Three days later he managed to work out how to escape and how to get home. We were very glad to see him and he is safe in the right tree with Laurel.
Chardonney didn't make it.
 Fanta looks keen to join her.

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