Sunday, 31 March 2013

British Summer Time!

 Its been a full on day at Rock HQ so as its the first day of British Summer Time here's some pics of today's adventures. A brisk walk in the sunshine.
 Little t exercised his autonomy and wanted to walk by himself.
 The snow has brought down several trees and made things a tad interesting
while the ice added interesting details, like the ice chandelier hanging from a branch
Little t was fascinated by his own reflection
His quest for independence ended on the hilly parts
 Once again the no lambs this year policy has been completely disregarded by Easter who gave birth on Easter day, and Easters mom was born day too. It was on the news today that a local farm lost over 100 lambs overnight due to the weather, the total was 107 and I heard it first from the militiaman himself. Wasn't too sure I should believe him when he spoke of breaking the frozen lambs from the ice but as the BBC have reported it it must be true. We now have four lovely lambs, Ice, a ram, then Minty, Fanta (still alive and kicking) and now this lovely girl.
 Miranda came to the rescue taking essential supplies to the technohermit, I would have carried them but after a killer training session (to get out of decorating, or rather clearing up the mess I made decorating) I was a bit tired, and as two of the essentials were 25kg bags of coal Miranda was very useful.
Meantime, proof that summers on its way emerged from the ice.


spiderlover said...

I'm sure you really don't want to know - but I'll tell you anyway hehehe - we've had a gloriously sunny Easter, days of sunny weather and no snow! Okay, I'll stop gloating. Hope you are all well and how about Blue for the new in 'out of the blue'? Love Claire.

Tony said...