Sunday, 17 March 2013

Good bye cruel world

Not what you expect to see as you throw back the curtains to little t's room to welcome another day, a very dead sheep in the gulley at the bottom to the cliff at Rock HQ. From his room all I could see was the fleece and fearing one of our little flockers had carked it I passed apprentice smallholder to my beautiful and oh so patient wife so she could deal with weapons grade contents of his nappy and went out the back door to try and identify the body. The poor thing wasn't one of ours, the blue tag identified it as a local militia ex flock member. What she was doing in our garden twenty feet from our back door (apart from lying very still) soon became apparent as I got closer, she had sought a safe place to give birth and amongst the dead leaves in a dry gulley must have seemed a more attractive proposition than the Bonsai  Mountain. Unfortunatley it had not gone well and she died giving birth. The lamb lay next to her, she had frozen to death. Cruel world sometimes isn't it.