Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Getting nowhere fast

 Plans to spend a part of yesterdays evening using the new (second hand) turbo trainer fell apart (unlike turbo trainer) when I finally delivered the last of portions of pig club 2012 to the happy punter who was keen to show me what was in his barn. Having been warned about walking off unsupervised with strange men into agricultural buildings I was a bit wary but as he promised to show me his non euphemistic donkey I accepted the invite and spent far too long going oooh and ahhhh over the pointy eared beast.
Jill is also pregnant and despite being made an offer I couldn't refuse by the nice farmer I managed to walk away without donkey in tow. Back at the ranch I figured out from the translated into English from Dutch instructions that came with the turbo trainer how to attach R100 to apparatus but was dismayed to find that whoever built it for me had attached the essential rollers a good 1 inch from where my wheel would sit. I did manage to mount up without falling off, without a Bernese getting trapped in the working parts and without breaking anything. As it was now way past training time and time for last patrol of the perimeter I gave up any idea of a quest to find a spanner as finding a spanner was unlikely, especially one that fitted and so under the wondering eyes of the Dolyhir Clan I packed away turbo trainer and added find tool kit to list of jobs.


margeaux said...

i love donkeys, plan on getting a "burro" when i get out to the ranch in colorado. burros are wild donkeys, they are rounded up and adopted out. we have too many wild- horses and donkeys so adoptions are set up to prevent unnecessary "shooting" . this one looks so sweet, but understand your leaving her behind.

Tony said...

e mail us soon!!