Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A good walk spoiled

 Training for the BBMC 2013 is slowly getting started and yesterday saw yours truly trudging the green lanes with faithful Bernese in an effort to get some hill climbs in. A different path was chosen, one that had never been trod by the dynamic duo. Rewards were plenty, like this waterfall.
Along the way we found small cottages with strangely familiar names, the path we were on was an old horse drawn tram way used to move coal and nails in the 1820's. The cottages were built for happy nail making families.
 A quick pose for a pic from a helpful hiker and we crossed the bridge unmolested by trolls and headed upwards along a really steep drovers trail which was labelled on the map "public road".
Topping out saw this view, England's highest golf course, why you would want to spoil a good walk by smacking a white pill with an iron bar around the countryside has always been a wonder to me. Then it began to rain. Serious rain.
And with the Bonsai Mountain far in the distance (middle lump) Rocky and I knew we were going to get a bit damp on the return journey.

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margeaux said...

wow what a way to train...wet or not. nice!