Friday, 28 December 2012

Trading places

 Yesterday Thor kept us entertained/occupied as we tried to contain his lust for male horse flesh (thankfully they were not dressed in their horsey bondage gear, aka bridles and saddles otherwise he would have exploded on the spot!) and get him back in his lair. Today Pam took his place and destroyed the newly reconstructed goat house when shown it as a potential birthing suite. Pam favoured the straw store and built a nice cosy nest, where she lay doing nothing at all until we were due to go to dinner and she cannoned out into the world three piglets. One was promptly crushed by recoil and once we were properly late she fell asleep. Sleeping meant that I had enough time for find the two sex crazed Bernese Mountain Dogs who, instead of walking across the yard and into the cottage after the fun and games in the straw store, chose to leg it into the darkness up the slopes of the Bonsai Mountain. By now dinner looked like turning into breakfast but the naughty dogs were finally coaxed back by promises of safe passage and no reprisals and we made it to the dinner table a mere 90 minutes late.

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margeaux said...

congrats "grandpa" piglets are soooo cute! glad they get uglier as they age or I'd never eat pork again hehe!