Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Seen better days

 Kayleigh has survived, so far, and this is what you get if you use your head to stop a ton bale of hayledge as it succumbs to gravitational pull. Late last night as I thought the horses might like a top up I was a tad distressed to find a bale groaning and a goat starfished in the mud head under the bale.
 In sheer panic I managed to lift/push/swear hayledge bale uphill enough to allow my beautiful and oh so patient wife to drag seemingly mortally wounded Kayleigh to safety. Wheel barrow served as ambulance and poorly goat was dumped unceremoniously onto medbay floor where frozen limbs were massaged, mud scraped off wet fur and a huge nest of straw and vet bed was constructed where she lay, and still does. Signs are good, both eyes although swollen are functioning, she is making her usual mewing noise (albeit a bit flatter than normal, boom boom)
 and most importantly she is scoffing calories with enthusiasm, here she is helping herself to
 Boris the III dinner. Not so good is that she wont stand, she is trying and we are moving her to keep the circulation going. Tonight she stood for a few seconds but with me gripping her in a most unseemly fashion.
Also about to go off his legs is this lumper, Bear, seen above on his last walk on the Bonsai Mountain for a few weeks. Thanks to JesseJ's mum we know what to expect. Now we know we can prepare, and as we know whats about to happen all I can say is I am glad this poor lad has no idea what will happen at the vets tomorrow. All being well he should be bouncing like tigger again in early March. 

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