Friday, 14 December 2012

All change!

 Yesterday a lovely crisp morning
 Same view this morning
 So as I plodded about the ranch in foul weather gear, not in the best of moods as the rain was freezing and forming a death trap on the yard for those who have a capacity for self harm, my mood was lifted somewhat by what was in the stable.
I finally got her on her hooves this morning, and while vertical only lasted three minutes before crashing horizontal it does show that she is making some form of recovery. Goat physiotherapy is now a skill I can add to the list of those acquired since taking on the smallholding. There are risks involved, gripping a goat firmly from behind by the hips and helping her to an upright aspect does look a bit suspect should anyone be looking over the stable door, but as she consented and no kissing was involved it was all perfectly legal. I shall persevere and the ban on anyone carrying a camera other than yours truly stands until Kayleigh does.

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margeaux said...

yeah !!!! keeping my hopes up, this is wonderful news! to princess K "you go girl!"