Friday, 21 December 2012

The true meaning of Christmas

 On our travels today we saw what horrors people get up to in trying to convey the Christmas spirit to the world. I have no doubt your eyes are already drawn to the pink monstrosity below but try and focus on the above pic of my beautiful and oh so patient wife with lap dog. Lap dog, not from Lapland, but of Swiss origin is Bliss who has a mortal fear of anything and everything and will seek reassurance that the everything is OK by physical contact. So perhaps taking her to the vet in a car, through floods on a day that the Mayans predicted the world would end was not the best of ideas and half way through said news report that the world was predicted to end (quite why this dirge was given such credence by endless news bulletins can only be explained by the BBC being fearful of the complaints should they have got it wrong, ignored it and the world actually ending, a Mrs Trellis from North Wales has written in complaining the world has ended, why werent we told......)
leaped from the back of Miranda into the lap of MBAOSPW. A good job really as A) I am not so patient as to have a trembling 45kg dog land on me, and B) I was preoccupied by the circular object in my lap that assisted Miranda with negotiating the local geography safely.  Once Bliss was reassured that the world wasn't about to end, only for her is she didn't behave, she returned to the designated area and we continued on our travels. Bliss behaved very well at the vets and shes not pregnant.
On our travels today w found that the true meaning of Christmas was, for someone, a pink Christmas tree decorated with cutlery. This has to be the most awful Christmas tree ever displayed. Unless you know different. If you do, send us proof!


Anonymous said...

So this is another false pregnancy, the third or fourth for Bliss right ? I guess she wasn't ever meant to be a mother.

spiderlover said...

No, don't think I've ever seen a tree that bad before. Poor Bliss, at least she'll get used to going to the vets without too much panic. Have a lovely Christmas all of you, love from Claire xx.