Sunday, 2 December 2012

Off to a good start

 Drawing the curtains in little t's room this morning revealed every ones favourite shitland trying his hoof at rock climbing.
 Not quite sure what tempted him on his epic climb but having had previous experience of rock bound goats I got on with breakfast instead of planning rescues on the premise what goes up must come down, eventually and one way or another. Sure enough by mid afternoon the novelty had worn off, or whatever it was that he thought he could eat had been eaten/gone and the crazy horse was back in the garden chasing Berners.
 For yours truly the day couldn't have got off to a better start as I had just enough home produced bacon for a sandwich after which Noel Fielding arrived, meaning seconds, and more tea drinking while we discussed England's massive victory over The All Blacks. Several Berners made them self comfortable and prepared to watch a master at work.
 I had been promoted from Gopher to Mixer, and the first bucket of plaster I made was too thick, the second was too runny but the third was just right.
End of play saw the room sort of normal and stage 2 of the fireplace makeover complete. Tomorrow night I get to play with concrete, hopefully getting it in the right holes in the hearth and not over small child, dogs and furniture.
Stage 3 will have to wait until spring, that's the rendering of the back and side walls, cant be done now as lighting the woodburner would dry it out and blow it off the walls. So we wait until summer when the fire wont be lit, so that's a weekend next October then.

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