Sunday, 9 December 2012

Resistance is futile

 As if by magic the pocket rocket managed to get out of the "garden" while I was trudging back and fore carrying fresh straw to the critters. There is the possibility of a new ice age in the coming week so for once I thought I would be prepared. Preparations to store water, and there is an abundance at the moment, were thwarted by a reckless Ryeland or three pulling the pipe out of the water tank. Thankfully Misty raised the alarm that Trevor was about to go AWOL again, first by squealing like a stuck pig, second by trying to kick his head across the yard. In the ensuing melee yours truly was able to fetch a bucket full of allure to which the shitlands were powerless to resist.
 And so like the Pied Piper of Hamlin but with only two very large rats in tow I set off up the Bonsai Mountain to our newly created paddock.
 This truly is a work of art. Each post is nearly 3 feet into the ground, treated against rot, bolt upright, in line, stock wire stretched like piano wires, ground levelled so gates hang correctly (the gate post above is 4ft in the ground, done without machines) in all this is designed to last and not break when yours truly gets to grip with it. You might have guessed that I didnt do this all by myself, the bits I did involved lots of fetching and carrying for our fence Jedi Master.
Stage one is complete, stage two, the second paddock is half done, several tons of mountain need shifting to level the gateway, but then a clear run of fence will link up to these rails. A single strand of barbed wire went up today and when the money tree blooms next year a top rail will be fitted. The Ryelands, more used to my usual fencing efforts, have spent the day wandering around looking for the exit, there is none (except the gates) whileTrevor and Misty have done there best to ignore the barriers and have concentrated on arguing over horse nuts.

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