Saturday, 8 December 2012

One of those days

All hail the blue sky, the crisp December air, the joy of living and having succumbed to my inner Mamil I took the sunshine as a cue to cycle to work and inflict my unique sense of style (read none) on my long suffering colleagues. They took it in their stride although one did think I was wearing a skirt (Adidas shorts, pah! Bet they wouldn't say to the any of the All Blacks they are wearing women's attire) and a ladder in my tights (Ron Hills) caused much amusement. Still I had the last laugh because as they were all destined for traffic chaos and Christmas shopping I was able to take the long way home in the glorious sunfest knocking out a relaxing 15 miles before landing back at HQ and scoffing bacon sarnies.
Goat recuperation continues, she eats, sleeps and appears normal except for complete refusal to stand. Last round I did get Kayleigh on her hooves for about 30 seconds before she keeled over and started eating again.
Berner recuperation continues but Bear doesn't appreciate the complexities of knee rebuilds and tried to plant his front paws on my chest when I came back from work. He is bouncing like Tigger most of the time so the painkillers are clearly working well.

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