Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing clever

 Plans for a traditional boxing day (watching cartoons eating leftovers, going to the hunt meet and eating Christmas cake) were dealt a death blow by the non traditional cry of "Theres a pig in the feed store". In getting there it had been evicted from the pig pen by Pam, as so Thor the super stud wended his amorous way along the smallholding until he found an inviting open door and in a massive display of optimism began to make himself at home.
 Having suffered a disappointing second eviction from the cleaned out med bay he went around the corner to seek refuge in the stable, and once again was found making a bed that it was going to be impossible to lie on as an irate equine was about to take up residence (although it has to be noted that the weather was so bad that Chester almost went in despite the presence of the horse fetishist boar) and in a case of third time still unlucky Thor was moved on to the temporary shelter of the old goat house which he promptly demolished finally settling for a comfortable night in the straw store. As this was next door to Bridget the squeals of pig foreplay kept most of the smallholding awake and the werewolves at bay.
 Also as well ( a local way of saying also, as well as this) Minnie was back on the leash after setting off Christmas night into the darkness, my fleeting thought of she wont go far she has just had dinner was highly inaccurate but she did get back before I did as I took the long way round the Bonsai Mountain with the intention of cutting her off at the pass. Minnie is an unexpected but very welcome guest and looks to be here for a while.
 Luckily she does not take up too much room, in fact you would hardly know there was another dog in the house.

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