Sunday, 16 December 2012

I'm still standing

 Kayleigh was helped upright again
but not for long. Still today she managed 2x yesterdays standing time and was keen to get up unassisted when the breakfast arrived. Time will tell.
The jobs list got a hammering today as it was reasonably dry (unless talking about the inside of my wellingtons which were definitely the wet side of damp thanks to holes) and everybody got new beds, the runway was cleared, the stables emptied of pooh, a new gate carried up the bonsai mountain and much more. I was told to check the goats due to a strange smell. Then when all was in order there (as in one refusing to stand being normal) I was asked to check the upstairs toilet, then the drains, then check to see if the puppy had left a message under the computer desk. All these things I did as my beautiful and oh so patient wife could smell something funny. Funny as in bad. As in smelly drain bad. Once the obvious had been eliminated and my trainers we thrown outside, the dogs banished to the workshop and little t's bum changed, for MBAOSPW the smell persisted. It was then traced to the horsey lineament she had been liberally applying to various equine limbs. A main component being sulphur. Next time shes going to wear gloves and not blame the dog for the pong.

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