Friday, 28 December 2012

I shall have my revenge.......

 There was a rule regarding Christmas presents fro little t, that they did not make any noise. The whole family stuck to this rule, as did Father Christmas. Except one family member who thought this was the most appropriate present to give.
I shall have my revenge.

In this life or the next!


Anonymous said...

wot a fantastic present..merry xmas


Anonymous said...

Which relative gave Tristian the drums ? I am betting on his older brother. My mother on one of his grandparents. If so she suggest moving the drum set to their house, as she did with my first electric mini keyboard.

margeaux said...

wow what an awesome set of drums, and just his size.- he is adorable. btw: better than a saxophone for a tone death sibling...which kind of disappeared one day not so long after christmas....the sax not the sibling which wouldn't have matter either way to me- ha!