Wednesday, 19 December 2012

At what point did you realise.......

So there we were at work, my beautiful and oh so patient wife seemed a bit preoccupied and my bouncing round like Tigger over Christmas arrangements (The big FC has decided to make a visit to our bit of a do on the weekend) and finger buffets was not helping.
The cause for her concern became apparent when on doing an ET for the third time (phoned home) and got no answer imaginations ran riot, was grandma poorly and little t trying to wake her up? Was she tied to the sofa and little t shooting apples off her head?
What was going on?
So concerned was she that for once getting ready to return to HQ took 2.6 seconds rather than the usual half a year and when Miranda pulled into the yard MBAOSPW sprang gazelle like to the front door to find grandma safe and well enjoying a cuppa.
No the phone hasn't rung all day.
Hmmm, wonder why, we called at least three times.
 Phone was checked.
No sign of life.
My thoughts turned to have I paid the bill, yes, Internet was still on so whats wrong, a dear BT email seemed in order, how dare they cause such anxiety with their incompetence.
So at what point in my musings was it discovered that the reason the phone hadn't rung was because someone had unplugged the phone to plug in some very pretty festive lights.

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