Monday, 24 September 2012

Think like your horse

 Theres a book on our shelves called "Think like your horse" a fairly weighty tome for would be horse botherers wishing to tread the path of equine enlightenment. Personally I think its a con but I did try to think like a little escapee shitland and in  a fairly calm break in the weather (another months rain fell overnight, most fell into the excuse for a barn where the inhabitant pigs built a raft out of pallets) to trek across the ridge looking for Trevor. As the wind was blowing north west the sheltered side was south east so thinking like my horse the settled leeward side would be most acceptable for grazing, but, as I am a fugitive and knowing that yours truly would be out looking for me I would forgo the sheltered side as that is the obvious place to look and so I would head north into the teeth of the weather front and graze knowing that fat bloke would not want to give up creature comforts for too long and head back to HQ once the sheltered side has been searched. At least that's what I thought thinking like him. Which was why at fiveways I headed north and spent an hour or so searching, then calling my bluff I headed south and searched there.
This took me to the dark side of the Bonsai Mountain where I was lucky enough to see a Tawny Owl fly a few feet above my head from the tree on the left of this pic. Both of us were surprised by the sudden appearance of each other. After 2 hours 15 mins I gave up and Trevor is the winner of the 2012 hide and seek challenge. I will have a return match later in the week after genning up from the book.

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