Thursday, 20 September 2012

Death wish

This little porker is feeling very pleased with himself as he is getting the rewards of being in the pig pen, such as regular breakfasts and dinners, as his two sisters, the one with a taste for poultry and now another one that looks like this one, the good one,  (that does make sense) are the wrong side of the wire and up to all sorts of mischief. How the other one got out was  a revelation, she actually built a ramp of dirt, quite a feat with just your nose, almost to the top of the stock fence and when yours truly tipped up full of the gloom of early onset autumn (I hate the its dark at 8pm lark, and its getting darker earlier every day/night)and several ton of apples. Eager to get her slavering jaws around the fruit she ran up the ramp Evel Kenevel style and launched herself into space. Things took on a surreal Matrix style for a few seconds as myself and my big sack (of apples) and several Berners took evasive action to avoid crash landing of self propelled pork. She landed with a sickening thud and outraged that her efforts yielded no fruit, ran off into the nettles where she still lurks. I know she is still alive as her short life nearly ended just now when Hazel and I made the tedious journey doing the bin run. From out of nowhere she launched herself at Hazel and then having avoided being turned into burgers ran off again into the nettles where she is no doubt plotting the downfall of a lone cyclist tomorrow morning.

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