Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Records set

Motivation is a necessary part of getting things done. So today I was highly motivated by the news that Reba was giving birth and having a few problems, so there I was five miles the wrong side of a motor and within 22 minutes of receiving call had got from behind desk and through cottage door courtesy of pedal power. This does include the nearly half mile of compulsory walking as rutted track to house does not allow passage of two wheeled transport. Once the Lycra and Dayglo had been dumped for denim and t shirt I got to play midwife to Reba and delivered the first pup sired by this big lad above, Reuben, pup aptly named Bradley on account of my record setting bike ride. To see what happened next tune into the dog blog, the links in the margin. There is a happy ending so don't panic.

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