Sunday, 9 September 2012


Its been one of those days where its been all go but not much seems to have got done. Certainly nothing got crossed off the jobs list. Time was spent organising the return of the baby trailer (that's a small trailer, not a trailer for babies) and a pig roast for trailer owners wedding. The sheep seem to have got wind (always) of the planned visit by animal health inspectors midweek to blood test them as part of a national survey for a virus we haven't got and so only half of them turned up for breakfast. This meant only half of them got checked, dagged and drenched. But then none actually got drenched as we thought that it would be best to do this en masse post blood test. Still on the plus side those that were here were maggot free and after a close encounter with yours truly and a sharp cutting implement they had cleaner bottoms.
Weather changed as predicted and laziness on  my part meant that by the time evening rounds were well past due it was hammering down again.

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