Saturday, 8 September 2012

Show stopper

 This is the time of year where we usually rake the dead hedgehogs out of the coats of our Berners and enter them in a big dog show held up on the top of a local hill. This annual attempt to get our dogs in a fit enough state to compete against the pampered pooches of the we don't take it at all seriously dog show brigade (you know the type with custom paint sprayed dog transporters) had to be abandoned as this year at the same show Red Kite Fostering was strutting its stuff having had the highest praise heaped on it in its inspection report it was only right an proper that we took our place alongside the less able fostering agencies present who are according to their inspection reports only adequate, or less than. Our bright red tent decorated with Red Kite bunting with notice boards featuring the press coverage of our triumphs in the equestrian ring (Red Kite sponsor a youth riding team at Lady Hawkins School) and news of our charity work held the attention of the adults while free face painting drew the kiddies in.
 Not completely dumping the Berner theme yours truly got into the carnival spirit by being painted as a Berner (I didn't win a rosette though)
 The Red Kite logo proved popular as a face paint or tattoo, much to the annoyance of our rivals who were faced with dozens of passers by all sporting a Red Kite emblem on their cheek or arm.
 One of our number took the opportunity to test drive a new car with dubious weather protection
 but at least she could have got a drive on part in Benidorm.
In all a busy and successful day and a big thank you to all the Red Kite team who turned out to support us, to those that face painted, child minded, made tea, put up the tent, or just pointed and laughed, we salute you!

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