Monday, 3 September 2012

Gone fishing

 After the intensity of last week the combination of an actual sunny day, finishing a meeting early and someone planting the seed of an idea to go fishing (the idea being go fishing with a boat, nets, dynamite and harpoons to fill several freezers worth of "free" food)I took the executive decision to bugger off early from work and hit the beach, which on a good day is only just over an hour away.
 Today was not so good and 2 hours later we were loaded up like pack animals and making the trek across the Sahara like sand dunes to the thin blue line on the horizon.
 Naturally we arrived in glorious sunshine, applied several layers of factor 30 suncream (white emulsion paint) just in time to put our coats on as it threatened rain.
 Little t decided to explore the rock pools, then found one the size of Lake Michigan, which to our immense surprise (considering until recently he screamed at the mere mention of bath and still refuses to sit in one) got on his hands and knees (fully clothed) and systematically searched the sea bed for crabs.
 Not having much luck he refused to give up until at the onset of first stage hypothermia was dragged from the pool by yours truly
 and carried back to base camp (I actually own a wind break, how old am I getting!) where he was dressed in foul weather gear and fed the seagulls his lunch.
On the road home we found a new place to explore, a Red Kite feeding centre, we got there just after they had had their lunch but a quick recce told us that this was worthy of a new foray from Rock HQ in the near future. There is no getting away from the influence of Red Kite.

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