Sunday, 23 September 2012

Celebrate good times come on!

 On a day that the heavens opened and its now darker longer than daylight we decided to have as our Sunday lunch a far from traditional meat and two veg, instead opting for a meaty selection of suckling pig, roast goat, lemon chicken, chili corn on the cob, fajitas, honey and chili sausage, lime bean salad, guacamole and other yummy accompanyments (as well as Robs infamous chili jam) The reason for this lavish food fest was several celebrations all rolled into one, he who cant be named engagement, his birthday, his sisters birthday, the pups birthday and anything else we could think of that meant we could stay indoors and scoff rather than get out amongst the autumn storm. Family that attended demolished the best part of the vitals on offer, a naughty lurcher cross Dalmatian also got a fair portion when no one was looking.
 The pic above is a bit of a contrast to yesterday pic from around the same spot.
 Cabin fever, or too much food and drink, forced me to don waterproofs and set out into the wilderness where I found one of our kind neighbours had given up trying to defend their fruit tree and donate it to me, handily placing several pigs breakfasts in a neat carrying device. I shall thank them properly next time I see them, with some sausages. One of the militia contacted us today, it seems the pocket rocket has done it again and is harassing the militia as they ride their horses. To coin a phrase hes an aggressive little bugger. Once again Trevor has put his hoof in it and riled the militia. Concerted efforts will be made to round him up next week, if successful hes going to stay in a corral not far from HQ but far from the militias ponies!
Meanwhile the one animal that always behaves, a Berner, has done ever so well with Team GB. Tune in to the dog blog for more pics and news.

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Anonymous said...

The last time we sat around that table Tony I seem to recall that you had to spend a fair bit of the night in the stables and I (so I am told) went to bed with my boots on. Happy days clouded by single malt!