Monday, 31 January 2011

Bad Bunny

It might look cute but this bad bunny caused heaps of trouble today. Waiting until the hutch door was open the pocket sized pest leapt for freedom, quickly followed by its siblings, and began the lets see who can be the most difficult to catch baby rodent competition which was quickly followed by who could squeal the loudest competition as each long eared troublemaker voiced its unhappiness at being returned to the slammer. Mum watched on with mild disinterest and continued sucking on a carrot totally failing to take the parental role and instill a bit of discipline in her unruly offspring. Eventually after much stamping around, diving tackles and failed lunges all were rounded up safely, order was restored, piece reigned and predators watching stopped dribbling in anticipation, sadly packed away their dinner plates and set off looking for less bothersome prey.

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